Unlock the Value of Your Company's Real Estate

The first hassle-free sale-leaseback solution targeted at small & medium property owners and their brokers


We make sale-leaseback transactions simple


Traditionally, going through a sale-leaseback process takes 8 months.
With us, close in a fraction of that time


Apply online. We’ll make sure the process is seamless and non-disruptive


We know this is a big decision for you. We have no hidden fees, and you will be fully informed during the whole process


Our mission is to simplify real estate for small & medium property owners

We're a multidisciplinary team with more than 35 years of experience in Real Estate, Technology and Finance committed to making real estate easy for small & medium property owners

About Us

Our sale-leaseback solution brings multiple benefits for property owners

A sale-leaseback allows you to unlock 100% of the value of your property.

You will able to write off your total lease payment as an expense for tax purposes.

You can use the cash to expand your business, acquire a new one, or for personal needs.

This type of lease provides you with similar control over the property as before the transaction happened.


How Unlock Works

Step 1

Apply online. We'll ask simple questions about your property and business

Step 2

After a seamless and fast due diligence check, receive an offer for your property

Step 3

We execute the sale-leaseback with a standard contract and transact online

Step 4

Receive the cash in your bank account shortly after closing. As simple as that

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